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Next-Generation Sequencing.

NGS is on the rise...

Advances in Next-Generation Sequencing technologies are providing unprecedented opportunities in clinical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical research. Integration of these novel techniques into present pipelines is crucial for efficient life science research and paves the way to personalised medicine. However, the massive increase of NGS data generation necessitates efficient and dynamically scalable data analysis solutions.

... we have you covered

Omiqa Bioinformatics provides comprehensive bioinformatics support, allowing biotechnological, pharmaceutical and clinical entities to seamlessly utilise the full power of NGS technologies.

Our services include:


There is no one-size fits all solution. To meet the needs of your project, we develop tailored analysis solutions specifically addressing the purpose of the intended application.


To incorporate NGS applications into your workflows seamlessly, we create fully automated analysis pipelines. From command line tools to no-code applications, we offer suitable solutions your teams of any background can use.


Industrial scale NGS applications require streamlined and dynamic high throughput bioinformatics workflows. We are experienced in building and optimising cost-efficient and scalable data analysis solutions.


As experienced researchers from different life science disciplines, we understand the underlying biology behind every project. We believe this is essential to build bioinformatics solutions that our clients really benefit from.


From short to long term engagements, from prototype pipelines to complete bioinformatics ecosystems - we meet your demands by offering flexible solutions adapted to your budget and your needs.


Communication is key to successful collaborations. We offer comprehensive project consulting, beginning with strategic planning, regular progress updates and feedback cycles to introduction and training for the built applications.

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