Our vision.

The amount of sequencing data has skyrocketed over the last years. While sample preparation and sequencing itself are standard methods nowadays, data analysis has become a bottleneck. We experienced this first hand in our former working group, as an increasing amount of collaborators approached us with the request to analyse their NGS data.

When talking to these researchers, we felt there is a lot of frustration with outsourcing bioinformatics, whether to a collaborator or a commercial provider. This frustration comes down to the simple fact that the analysis capacity is lacking at the moment, often leading to slow analysis speed, insufficient communication and a lack in result quality.

Omiqa Bioinformatics was founded to abolish the data analysis bottleneck, reduce frustration and speed up scientific discovery. We make use of optimised analysis pipelines and a high degree of automation whereever possible. This enables us to spend time with our clients, understand their needs and tailor a solution that works best for them.

The team.

Omiqa consists of a team of computational and experimental life scientists with vast experience in building and optimising diverse bioinformatics solutions. Our deep technical expertise in combination with a broad biochemical knowledge enables us to assist our clients from project planning to data interpretation.

Dr. Alexander Neumann

Administration & Bioinformatics

Didrik Olofsson

Bioinformatics & Cloud Computing

Dr. Tom Haltenhof

Research & Development

Dr. Davide Chiarugi


Emily Haar

Business Development

Simon Moor


Our clients and partners.

Our services are appreciated by life scientists both from academic institutions and biotech companies. Our company vision is supported by national and international funding bodies.

Want to discuss a project?

We are always eager to learn about exciting new research, please get in touch.